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Accessibility aims at providing access to information or features that are published online, and make them understandable and relevant for any type of user, whatever the devices, techniques and browsers that are used.

The Institut Curie's corporate website is fully accessible to users with disabilities (blind, partially sighted, people with motor disabilities), and more largely to all Internet users.

The Institut Curie's corporate website is compliant with the standard developed for Web accessibility by the World Accessibility Initiative (WAI) of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C, main international standards organization for the Internet), which includes three levels of compliance (A, AA, and AAA), corresponding with higher or lower priorities. The present website is Level AAA compliant, corresponding to the highest level of accessibility.

The present website is compliant with the following W3C standards: (W3C logo for corresponding level)

The Institut Curie's corporate website is also compliant with usability criteria defined in the works of Jakob Nielsen and Marie Tahir, two experts of international renown in the field of Web usability (