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Young researchers: two Institut Curie PhD students were rewarded

Congratulations to the 3rd year PhD students Thomas Auer and Sophie Herszterg, who received an award for their presentations at the Young Researchers in Life Sciences conference (YRLS) that took place in Chimie ParisTech on May 22-24.

Young researchers: two Institut Curie PhD students were rewarded

Since he joined Institut Curie in October 2011, Thomas Auer has worked on axonal transport and its role in formation of a retino-tectal neural circuit. His thesis project is supervised by Filippo Del Bene, leader of the Neuronal Circuit Development Inserm-Institut Curie Group. He won the award for best poster presentation out of 82 posters diplayed at the last YRLS conference. "I was very honored to receive this prize. It gives me motivation to follow the same path of research, Thomas Auer said. Participating in this congress, I got very interesting inputs on my work with other researchers, including some working on zebrafish, about their experiments in cell culture and on technical aspects and approaches used."


Sophie Herszterg works in the Polarity, division and morphogenesis CNRS-Institut Curie group with team leader Yohanns Bellaïche. She won the people’s choice award for best oral presentation out of 40 talks done by young researchers. Her presentation addressed the integrity of epithelium during cell division. "Having almost finished my thesis, presenting my results here was very important to me. Winning this prize is the fruit of five years of research in Institut Curie. It is very encouraging for my career, which I may pursue in Brazil, my home country, where research is growing." 


Copyright: Thomas Auer, Steve Murez / Institut Curie

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