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Making an appointment

To obtain a consultation at Institut Curie, you must first make an appointment.

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© Phovoir


To make or change an appointment for a consultation, please contact the Appointments Office.

  • To make an initial appointment at Institut Curie, it is preferable to be referred by a doctor. This is particularly important for ophthalmology, ENT and paediatric consultations.
  • To make an appointment for senology (diseases of the breast), it is essential to be in possession of the results of a recent mammogram.
  • Following a request for contact with genetics, we will send you an appropriate questionnaire.
  • Supportive care is dedicated to patients treated or followed up at Institut Curie. To benefit from it, you need to go through the referring doctor or the care team.

Making the first appointment

Request a second opinion

To request a secon opinion, please contact Corinne de Conti :

Administrative formalities

On your first visit, don’t forget to bring the following required documents:

  • Your appointment letter
  • Copies of all examinations and tests done (X-rays, biology and imaging results, consultation reviews, information about past and ongoing treatments etc.)
  • National identity card, residence permit, or passport copy.
  • Proof of residency with current address.
  • Social security card (for French citizens: “carte Vitale” with proof of validity), for European citizens the E112/S2 form, as these. Documents are essential in terms of costs coverage.
  • If available, please bring your Private Health coverage card.
  • Should you have an appointment with our Outpatient Surgery Department, please bring your private healthcare approval to cover the costs or fees of the price-per-day

When you arrive at the hospital

A receptionist will welcome you at 26 Rue d'Ulm (Paris 5th arrondissement) or 35 rue Dailly (92210 Saint-Cloud) and record your admission.

A receptionist will welcome you at 26 Rue d'Ulm (Paris 5th arrondissement) or 35 rue Dailly (92210 Saint-Cloud) and record your admission.

Note: at the Paris hospital, people with reduced mobility should go to reception at 8, rue Louis Thuillier to access all the hospital facilities.

The Patient Administrative Office will create your administrative file, record your contact information, and provide you with an ID card that shows your case number. You must bring this card to all appointments.

At the end of the consultation, your future appointments for check-ups or treatment will be organized by the Appointments Office or by the medical assistant who assisted your doctor during the consultation.

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