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The Organization

The organization of Institut Curie, foundation of public interest

The Board of Directors

The diversity and quality of the membership in the Board of Directors guarantees the independence and ethics of its strategic decisions and its powers of control, in particular with respect to the adoption of the budget and the auditing of accounts. The Chairman is elected by the Board for a six years term.
President of the Board of Directors: Prof Thierry Philip

The international Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board, whose members cannot be on Institut Curie staff, is composed of international scientists and directors of leading foreign institutions, who devote most of their time to cancer research. This Board provides strategic advice as to the trust and programs of the institute before submission to the Board of Directors, for approval. The Chairman is elected by the Board for a two years term.
President of the Scientific Advisory Board: Prof Iain MATTAJ

The Research Center (Research Section)

Director of the Research Center: Geneviève Almouzni


The Hospital Group (Medical Section)

Director of the Hospital Group: Dr Marc Estève

Institutional Departments


  • Technology Transfer Office
 - Damien Salauze, Director
  • Fundraising and Resource Mobilization Department - Hélène Bongrain, Director
  • Communications Department - Pierre-Philippe Lacroix, Director
  • Finance - 
Fabienne Conte, Director
  • Legal Department
 - Florence Boulangé, Director
  • Planned Gifts
 - Alexandre Andres, Head
  • Curie Museum - Renaud Huynh, Director
Institut Curie