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About the institute

365,000 new cases of cancer were diagnosed in 2011 (source: InVS). As the leading cause of mortality in France and worldwide, cancer represents a major threat to public health, one that Institut Curie has been fighting for more than a century.

Three missions to fight cancer

In its efforts to overtake cancer, Institut Curie, which has been recognized as a foundation serving the public interest since 1921, has adopted three missions: treat, research, and teach.
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Our history : Marie Curie’s battle

It all started in 1909, when Marie Curie managed to persuade the Université de Paris and Institut Pasteur to found the Radium Institute so that she could pursue her efforts on a larger scale.
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Our resources

Institut Curie, which relies partially on public generosity for financing, publishes its accounts for complete transparency.
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Our leadership

Institut Curie is governed by a Board of Directors, which ensures that the institute serves the public interest and applies its values, and by an international Scientific Advisory Board, which provides strategic guidance. Board Chairman Professor Claude Huriet was reelected to a 6-year term in 2007.
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