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Prof Daniel Louvard

Pr Daniel Louvard, Research Center DirectorPr Daniel Louvard, Research Center DirectorDaniel Louvard was awarded his PhD in Biochemistry in 1973 and Physical Sciences in 1976. From 1978 to 1982 he was a head of team at the European Molecula Biology Laboratory (EMBL, Heidelberg, Germany), after which he joined the Institut Pasteur where from 1988 to 1990 he was the Director of the Molecular Biology Department, and since 1990 has been Associate Professor at the Institut Pasteur. He was appointed Director of Research by the CNRS in 1986 and Director of the Research Center of the Institut Curie in 1993.

Daniel Louvard is also head of the Morphogenesis and Cell Signaling Laboratory (Institut Curie / CNRS UMR 144). He is the author of 245 publications (13 157 citations; h-index of 66) and of 20 patents.
 Daniel Louvard is a member of numerous scientific committees of the CNRS and Inserm, ad hoc committees and scientific organizations such as EMBO, the French Academy of Sciences, and Academia Europa, the European Academy of Cancer Sciences, and has served as Chairman of a Scientific Committee of the Human Frontier Science Program.

Formerly Vice-Chairman of the government's mission to focus on cancer (2002-2003), Daniel Louvard was permanent advisor to the government's interdepartmental cancer plan (2003 to 2005), and since January 2005 has been Vice-Chairman of the International Scientific Board of the French National Cancer Research Institute (INCa).
As a member of the French Academy of Sciences, Daniel Louvard coordinated the working group that authored the report "Cell Biology – Developmental Biology" (RST no.19 - Dec. 2004), which inventories these disciplines and makes recommendations.
Daniel Louvard was or still is a member of various editorial boards, including those of the EMBO Journal, Current Opinion in Cell Biology, and Gastroenterology, and is editor of the Journal of Cell Science.

He was been awarded several prizes including:

  • Claude Bernard Prize from the City of Paris (2008)
  • Lounsbery Prize from the French Academy of Sciences and the American Academy of Sciences (1996)
  • Alexandre Joannides Prize from the French Academy of Sciences (1987)
  • Cell Biology Prize from the Medical Research Foundation (1985)

Daniel Louvard is also:

  • Chevalier de la Légion d'Honneur (2000)
  • Chevalier de l'ordre National du Mérite (1992)

Crédit photo: Pedro Lombardi / Institut Curie

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