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Our research groups

Institut Curie's Research Centre is composed of more than 80 research groups.

UMR144 - Subcellular Structure and Cellular Dynamics
Unit director : Bruno Goud
Group leader Team name
Renata Basto Biology of centrosome and cilia biology
Philippe Chavrier Membrane and cytoskeleton dynamics
Sylvie Dufour Biophysical and molecular basis of cell adhesion and migration
Daniele Fachinetti Molecular mechanisms of chromosome dynamics
Marina Glukhova Molecular mechanisms of mammary gland development
Bruno Goud Molecular mechanisms of intracellular transport
Anne Houdusse Structural motility
Franck Perez Dynamics of Intra-Cellular Organization
Matthieu Piel Systems Cell Biology of Cell polarity and Cell division
François Radvanyi Molecular oncology
Graça Raposo-Benedetti Structure and membrane compartments
Jean Salamero Space-time imaging of cellular dynamics of organelles and endomembranes
Phong Tran /
Anne Paoletti
Cytoskeletal architecture and cellular morphogenesis
Danijela Vignjevic Cell migration and invasion
Leader Platform
Franck Perez /
Ahmed El-marjou /
Sandrine Moutel
Protein and antibody laboratory
Jean Salamero Cell and Tissue Imaging (Pict-IBiSA)


UMR168 - Physical chemistry
Unit director : Maxime Dahan
Group leader Team name
Francois Amblard Physics of the cytoskeleton and membrane functions
Patricia Bassereau Membranes and cellular functions
Maxime Dahan Light-based Observation and Control of Cellular Organization (LOCCO)
Emmanuel Farge Mechanics and Genetics of Embryonic and Tumoral Development
Hervé Isambert RNA dynamics and biomolecular systems
Jean-François Joanny &
Jacques Prost
Physical approach of biological problems
Daniel Lévy Molecular microscopy of membranes (MMM)
Pascal Martin Active mechano-sensitivity by hair cells in the inner ear
Leïla Périé Quantitative immuno-hematology
Pascal Silberzan &
Axel Buguin
Biology inspired physics at mesoscales
Cécile Sykes Biomimetism of cellular movement
Jean-Louis Viovy Macromolecules and Microsystems in Biology and Medicine (MMBM)


Leader Platform
Claire Beauvineau Chemolibrary


UMR3244 - Dynamics of Genetic Information
Unit director : José-Arturo Londono Vallejo
Group leader Team name
Michelle Debatisse Functional organization and plasticity of mammalian genomes
José-Arturo Londono Vallejo Telomeres and cancer
Antonin Morillon Non-coding RNA, epigenetics, and genome fluidity
Alain Nicolas Recombination and genetic instability
Franck Toledo Tumor suppression genetics
Leader Platform
Alain Nicolas High-throughput Sequencing


UMR3347 / U1021 - Normal and Pathological Signaling
Unit director : Simon Saule
Group leader Team name
Olivier Ayrault Signaling in development and brain tumours
Marie Dutreix Recombination, repair and cancer : from molecule to patient
Alain Eychène RAF and MAF signaling in oncogenesis and development
Lionel Larue Normal and Pathological Development of Melanocytes
Alain Mauviel TGF-β and oncogenesis
Anne-Hélène Monsoro-Burq Signaling and neural crest development
Simon Saule PAX and MITF signaling, eye development, and melanoma


UMR3348 - Genotoxic Stress and Cancer
Unit director : Mounira Amor-Guéret
Group leader Team name
Mounira Amor-Guéret Genetic instability and carcinogenesis
Aura Carreira Homologous recombination and cancer
Jacques Ghysdael Cell signaling and Oncogenesis
Meng-Er Huang Genome stability and genotoxic stress
Carsten Janke Regulation of microtubule dynamics and function
Sarah Lambert Cell response to replication stress
Evelyne Sage Biology of radiations
Stéphan Vagner RNA biology linked to DNA damage
Leader Platform
Marie Noëlle Soler Cell and tissue imaging platform - UMR3348 (Pict-IBiSA)


UMR3664 - Nuclear Dynamics
Unit director : Angela Taddei
Group leader Team name
Geneviève Almouzni Chromatin dynamics
Valérie Borde Chromosome dynamics and recombination
Nathalie Dostatni Epigenetic plasticity and polarity in the embryo
Ines Drinnenberg Evolution of centromeres and chromosome segregation
Angela Taddei Compartmentalization and Dynamics of Nuclear Functions
Leader Platform
Patricia Le Baccon Cell and tissue imaging - UMR218 (Pict-IBiSA)
Petra Kaferle SGA facilities


UMR9187/U1196 - CMIB - Chemistry, Modelling and Imaging for Biology
Unit director: Marie-Paule Teulade-Fichou 
 Deputy director : Sergio Marco
Group leader Team name
Marie-Paule Teulade-Fichou Structure and photoactivable Probes for Nucleir Acids and Kinases
Sergio Marco Multimodal and Multiparametric Imaging
Leader Platform
Claire Beauvineau Chemolibrary


UMR3666 / U1143 - Chemical Biology of Membranes and Therapeutic Delivery
Unit director : Ludger JOHANNES
Group leader Team name
Ludger Johannes Traffic, Signaling and Delivery
Christophe Lamaze Membrane dynamics and mechanics of intracellular signaling
Raphaël Rodriguez Organic Synthesis and Cell Biology
Frédéric Schmidt Chemistry of biomolecules, probes and heterocyclic inhibitors
Leader Platform
Claire Beauvineau Chemolibrary


U830 - Genetics and Biology of Cancers
Unit director : Olivier Delattre
Group leader Team name
Jacques Camonis Analysis of Transduction Pathways (ATP)
Olivier Delattre Genetics and biology of pediatric tumors and sporadic breast cancer
Fatima Mechta-Grigoriou Stress and cancer
Marc-Henri Stern Genomics and biology of hereditary breast cancers


U900 - Bioinformatics, Biostatistics Epidemiology and Computational Systems
Unit director : Emmanuel Barillot
Group leader Team name
Nadine Andrieu Epidemiology of cancer
Emmanuel Barillot Bioinformatics and computational systems biology of cancer
Jean-Philippe Vert Statistical machine learning and modelling of biological systems
Leader Platform
Emmanuel Barillot Bioinformatics


U932 - Immunity and Cancer
Unit director : Sebastian Amigorena
Group leader Team name
Sebastian Amigorena Antigen presentation in dendritic cells
Philippe Benaroch Intracellular transport and immunity
Claire Hivroz Cross talk between T cells and dendritic cells
Olivier Lantz CD4+ T lymphocyte and anti-tumor response
Ana-Maria Lennon-Duménil Spatio-temporal regulation of antigen presentation and cell migration

Nicolas Manel Human innate immunity
Vassili Soumelis Integrative biology of human dendritic cells and T cells
Clotilde Théry Exosomes and tumor growth
Responsables Plateforme
Xavier Sastre et
Vassili Soumelis
Pathologie Expérimentale PathEx (web page in progress)


U934 / UMR3215 - Genetics and Developmental Biology
Unit director : Edith Heard
Group leader Team name
Allison Bardin Stem cells and tissue homeostasis
Yohanns Bellaïche Polarity, division and morphogenesis
Déborah Bourc'his Epigenetic decisions and reproduction in mammals
Filippo Del Bene Neuronal circuit development
Silvia Fre Notch signaling in stem cells and tumors
Edith Heard Mammalian developmental epigenetics
Jean-René Huynh Germ cell development
Raphaël Margueron Mechanisms of repression by polycomb proteins
Jean-Léon Maître Mechanics of mammalian development
Alena Shkumatava LincRNAs in vertebrate development
Leader Platform
Olivier Renaud Imaging platform: Cell and tissue imaging - UMR3215 (pict-IBiSA)


The Research Centre’s platforms
Leader Plateform name
Emmanuel Barillot Bioinformatics
Didier Decaudin Preclinical investigation
David Gentien Genomics platform
Isabelle Grandjean In vivo experimentation
Jean-Luc Guerquin-Kern Ion microscopy
Leanne de Koning Reverse phase protein array platform
Olivier Lantz Cytometry : cell sorting and analysis
Sophie Leboucher Dodier Histology platform
Damarys Loew Protein mass spectrometry laboratory
Claire Beauvineau Chemolibrary
Ario de Marco Recombinant antibody therapeutics platform
Helene del Nery Santos High-throughput cellular screening
Alain Nicolas High throughput sequencing
Franck Perez Protéines et anticorps recombinants
Franck Perez &
Sebastian Amigorena
Tab IP
Jean Salamero &
Daniel Levy
BioImaging Cell and Tissue Core Facility
Lucie Sengmanivong Nikon Imaging Centre
Hélène Alcalde &
Frédéric Pouzoulet
Plateforme de radiothérapie expérimentale
Xavier Sastre &
Vassili Soumelis
Pathologie Expérimentale PathEx (web page in progress)


Institut Curie