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Training at Institut Curie

Training is one of the main missions of the Institut Curie.

Training at Institut Curie
© Pedro Lombardi / Institut Curie

The Institut Curie prioritizes training, which helps advance research and medicine by actively integrating new knowledge acquired nationally and internationally. The dissemination of knowledge is necessary to keep society informed and to help it commit to progress and innovation.

Training Unit

5th course on Non-Coding Genome - 2016

February 5-12, 2016

The success of the course relies on an active participation of the trainees in discussions and exchange with invited speakers, the poster presentation of their own scientific projects, Journal Clubs by reviewing and presenting key articles in the field chosen by the speakers.


5th Course 'Development and Cancer' - 2016

January 11-15, 2016

The course presents the current knowledge in neural crest and melanocytes development (cell biology, transcriptomics, imaging...), as well as how melanocytes undergo tumor progression in adults. It ends with presentation of the most up-to-date therapeutical strategies.